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What is WordPress

You finally want to publish your own website? Then you have probably heard of WordPress. But what is WordPress actually? And what can the free CMS do? I will answer these questions in a moment.

What exactly is WordPress?

WordPress has become the most popular Content Management System (CMS) for creating websites and blogs. Because with it you can manage, organize and publish content such as texts and pictures on the internet without any programming knowledge.

The technical basis is provided by the programming language PHP. The data is stored in a MySQL or MariaDB database. But you usually don’t get much out of that. As a website operator you use the simple user interface.

Since WordPress is an open source software, you can use it for free. And there is a large community that develops the system further. vs.
What confuses many beginners: There is and But what is the difference between the two? Is it not the same?

Here are the main differences:

The company Automattic offers a hosted WordPress platform here, some of which are subject to a fee. You can register there and also start a free blog. Unfortunately the possibilities are very limited. For example, you can only use very few plugins or themes. This is only possible with a paid account. This is also not really recommendable.

Here you can download the WordPress software for free and then install it on your own server. This way you are completely flexible and can make full use of all possibilities.
To use the software you have to find a hoster first. You will then receive a server with storage space and a domain.
If you seriously want to run a website, I recommend the 2nd variant in any case. So the self-hosted version. Also my services & WP services refer exclusively to the self-hosted version of WP.

Who invented WP?
WordPress was already developed by Matt Mullenweg in 2003. And still today he is the driving force behind the project.
In 2005 Mullenweg founded the company Automattic. This company is behind the commercial platform
In the beginning the website software was mainly used as a pure blogging system. Over time, however, it has become the most popular “operating system” for websites.
This is mainly due to its ease of use, expandability and continuous development.

For example, with the Gutenberg Editor, the old visual editor has been completely revised. Since then, writing and designing websites has become even easier and more flexible.

Meanwhile WordPress is the most popular content management system. In 2019 it has a market share of 49% among the top 1 million websites. For comparison: Drupal has a market share of 4%…

Why you should use WordPress for your website
I have been working as a webworker for 20 years now and have seen and tried out various CMS systems. From homepage construction kit to Typo 3, Joomla and Wixx. And none of them can really keep up with WP. Here are just a few advantages:

Free of charge usage
Since the software is open source, you can download and use it completely free of charge.
Easy to install
Even without technical knowledge, you can easily install the popular CMS. The best way to do this is to use my instructions WordPress Install.
Simple handling
In contrast to many other editorial systems or website builders, WP is easy to use.
Extensibility via plugins
You need a specific function like a contact form? Then you can find over 55,000 free plugins in the official plugin directory. There are also many premium plugins. So you can add additional features to your website with just a few clicks. Of course the installation of plugins is also very easy!
Various designs with themes
Your website should be visually appealing? Even if you are not a gifted designer, this is no problem. Because there are countless free themes for WordPress. Premium Themes are also available in abundance. With these design templates you can easily change the look and layout of your website.

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